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About SpacePrez

SpacePrez is a read-only web delivery system - web pages and API - for spatial data. It complies with Content Negotiation by Profile and also implements the Open Geospatial Consortium's OGC API:Features for spatial data..


The basic structure of SpacePrez is:

        /                                       - API Home

        /datasets                               - list of Datasets

        /dataset/{id}                           - a Dataset

        /dataset/{id}/collections               - list of a Dataset's Feature Collections

        /dataset/{id}/collection/{id}           - a Feature Collection

        /dataset/{id}/collection/{id}/items     - a Feature Collection's Features

        /dataset/{id}/collection/{id}/item/{id} - a Feature

Navigation to any of those endpoints delivers content in HTML, for humans, and either JSON or GeoJSON, for machines.

Additionally, this API provides alternate profiles of all content, and those profiles - data models - also come in other formats, such as RDF.

In addition to the standard GC API endpoints, there are also convenience endpoints for searching and applying CQL or SPARQL queries.

SpacePrez' data is all natively stored in RDF graph form, according to the GeoSPARQL 1.1 ontology and any specialisations defined for particular systems.