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FSDF Vocabularies System

Welcome to VocPrez, the vocabulary subsystem of Prez (

VocPrez presents different views of vocabularies from a list of RDF sources. This system currently implements sources from local files, Research Vocabularies Australia and VocBench.

See the About page for more information about VocPrez itself.


Vocabularies (or ConceptSchemes) contain a hierarchical list of terms (or Concepts).

See the Vocabularies Register for a list of vocabularies this instance of VocPrez knows about.


Collections are a grouping of terms (or Concepts), represented as a flat listing of Concepts.

See the Collections page for a list of collections this instance of VocPrez knows about.


Vocabulary terms (or Concepts) are listed within a vocabulary's home page. Each vocabulary presents both a concept hierarchy (tree) view and a link to a flat list of its concepts.

Search & Querying

You can search for Concepts within one vocab or across all vocabs using the Search page or perform SPARQL queries using the SPARQL page.

Alternate Profiles

View alternate views & formats:

Alternate Profiles